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These days, there are seemingly infinite perspectives on the ideal way to achieve personal fitness and an active, healthy lifestyle. At Phitosophy, our approach is simple: through the discipline of Pilates, we sculpt both body and mind. Our instructors are knowledgable and charismatic; our classes are tailored to push you to the exact level you need; and our facility is top-notch to ensure a clean, welcoming environment. Helping you reach peak physical condition isn't just our passion. It's our Phitosophy.

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*Subject to rules disclaimer. Every month Phitosophy will draw a winner to get up to 3 free classes (valid for 30 days)

Our Phitness Classes

The options are nearly limitless. Whether you're looking for pilates reformer classes, fun and dynamic jumpboard sessions, or a focused one-on-one training regimen -- Phitosophy has something for everyone.
Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates

Use the power of the reformer to get a workout that would be impossible with the mat alone.

Jumpboard +  Reformer

Jumpboard + Reformer

Want to boost your reformer work with a fun and low-impact calorie burn? You’ve gotta try the jumpboard.

One-On-One w/ Private Instructor

One-On-One w/ Private Instructor

This is it: no excuses. An expert private instructor will help you break through walls and reach your goals.

Corporate Pilates  Classes

Corporate Pilates Classes

The team that trains together, bonds together. We’ll come to you, or we can host your company at our studio.

Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates

The simplicity of the mat, deep stretching, and gravity is all you need to be led through an amazing workout.

Core Pilates

Core Pilates

Ready to target your abs and strengthen your core to improve posture and physique?

Phitosophy 101

Browse our schedule online (or drop us an email at ““) to choose the classes or package that are right for you. If you’re not sure what to pick, our friendly, knowledgeable staff are always ready to help you determine the most appropriate classes for your goals. Consider coming to your first class 15 minutes early to introduce yourself to the instructor and give them a heads up in terms of your fitness background or any medical/adaptive restrictions you might have.

Dress in loose-fitting, comfortable workout clothes that you don’t mind getting sweaty, as well as some athletic-appropriate grip socks. Bring plenty of water with you, or grab some once you get to Phitosophy. Same goes for a yoga mat if you’re coming to a yoga class: feel free to bring your own, but we provide them on-site as well.

Once your class is over, don’t forget to hydrate as much as possible and grab a healthy snack or meal to re-fuel your body! Now you can relax for a bit and feel good about engaging your body and mind through physical fitness!

Phitosophy Blog

Muscle fibers activating during Pilates workout

How Pilates Muscle Fiber Contractions Work

Pilates involves all three types of muscle contraction: concentric, isometric, and eccentric. Compared to other types of exercise, however, Pilates places greater emphasis on eccentric muscle contraction.

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Sign with words "Inhale / Exhale" at Pilates studio

Pilates Deep Breathing Exercises for Anxiety

Considering how incredibly vital proper breathing is to good health, we pay surprisingly little attention to the way we breathe. Ancient cultures, however, fully understood the importance of deep nasal breathing, and modern health and wellness techniques are starting to catch up.

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Pilates and stroke patients

Can Pilates Help Stroke Patients?

But did you know Pilates can also help your body rehab from a stroke? It’s true! A Korean research paper in 2017 proved the efficacy of pilates for stroke recovery.

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