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09 Jan 19 5 Tips for Getting Back into Shape After the Holidays

5 Tips for Getting Back into Shape After the Holidays

We all know the holidays can throw off your rhythm. You may be visiting family, without your own kitchen and gym, and your normal routine is completely gone. You may also be hosting family or even just indulging by yourself – either way, we know the feeling all too well. One cookie leads to several, you’re not getting your regular exercise in, you’re having a couple more cocktails than you normally would… We get it. The good news is the damage is not irreversible! No need to panic, just get right back on track after the holidays with these helpful tips!

  1. Establish a Baseline

Know how you like to measure progress, and establish a starting point! It can be your weight on the scale, waistline measurements, or even just jotting down some notes about how you feel physically. Maybe you feel more lethargic or bloated than usual? Jot it down in a notebook or on your phone so you can revisit your notes to check up on your progress. Establishing a baseline does not have to be about numbers – do what makes you feel happy, encouraged, and motivated. If you are specifically focused on losing weight after vacation, record the number on the scale. If you’re looking to improve your post-christmas workouts, maybe you want to measure muscle gain. Regardless of the method you choose, it’s important to establish a starting point so you can be encouraged by your progress along the way!

  1. Hydrate

Yeah, yeah, we know. Everyone tells you to stay hydrated. There’s a reason for that, and it’s because being hydrated is crucial to the way your body functions. Muscle growth? Clear skin? Smooth digestion? Even mental health is affected by hydration! The key to staying hydrated is measuring your water intake. Aim to drink 3 liters, or 101 ounces, of water per day. It may seem like a lot at first, but over time your body will adjust to being properly hydrated. To help your body return back to its pre-holiday balance, start your day off with a large glass of water. Consider drinking a large glass before every meal – this will help your body to know when it’s actually full, not mistaking thirst for hunger. Any time you feel a craving coming on, drink a glass of water! Again, your body needs it and it can ward off mindless snacking.

  1. Cook at Home

Cooking at home gives you the ultimate control when it comes to your daily eating. As they say, abs are made in the kitchen! For real – you can work out as much as you want, but you can outrun your eating habits. Make your work lunches from home ahead of time and pack smart snacks, so when you find yourself hungry throughout the day you are already stocked with great healthy options. Recovering from holiday eating also means going back to a regular eating schedule. Pick a schedule you like and stick to it! Eating mindlessly throughout the day will leave you eating unhealthy food and more of it. A little bonus to cooking at home is that it will also help your wallet recover after the holidays – something we could all use!

  1. Eat Plants

Part of the reason you’re left feeling slow, sluggish, and bloated after the holidays? Likely due to the meat, dairy, and sugar that our favorite treats are packed with. It’s time to get back to a regular digestive system with some plant fiber! Whole grains like oats, popcorn, and brown rice add some much needed fiber into your diet to keep you full and regular. Plants contain natural sugars, fats, and proteins you need to meet all of your nutritional needs, while have far fewer calories than meat and dairy. Plants are also easier to digest, giving you more energy and feeling less bloated throughout the day.

  1. Create an Exercise Schedule

Have you noticed how most of these tips are focused on what you put into your body? That’s because your diet lays the foundation for a healthy body! But, of course, no healthy body can go without exercise. Getting healthy after the holidays will be easier and feel great if you set a reasonable exercise schedule for each week. Consider starting with half an hour of exercise three times a week. Lift weights, practice pilates, dance, anything for half an hour! Starting small allows you to ease back into your routine while feeling good.


We hope these tips will help you get right back into your pre-holiday routine. We want you to get back on track, but most importantly, we want you to feel good! Cheers to a happy and healthy new year!