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16 Jun 20 Pilates studio protocols

Phitosophy Pilates Classes Start Friday, June 19th!


Read the new Pilates studio protocols post COVID-19 virus. Learn what Phitosophy is doing to safeguard its facility and clients.

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09 Jun 20 Pilates studio class during COVID-19.

Updates on Phitosophy Studios Under COVID-19 Restrictions


Summary of how Phitosophy Pilates studio is adapting their classes to Zoom and Mind Body Online options as the coronavirus persists. Also information regarding anticipated reopening dates and the steps that will be taken to ensure all clients are able to participate in classes in a safe, sanitary, and protected environment that meets all recommended guidelines for combatting the spread of coronavirus.

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Muscle fibers activating during Pilates workout

How Pilates Muscle Fiber Contractions Work

Pilates involves all three types of muscle contraction: concentric, isometric, and eccentric. Compared to other types of exercise, however, Pilates places greater emphasis on eccentric muscle contraction.

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Sign with words "Inhale / Exhale" at Pilates studio

Pilates Deep Breathing Exercises for Anxiety

Considering how incredibly vital proper breathing is to good health, we pay surprisingly little attention to the way we breathe. Ancient cultures, however, fully understood the importance of deep nasal breathing, and modern health and wellness techniques are starting to catch up.

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Pilates and stroke patients

Can Pilates Help Stroke Patients?

But did you know Pilates can also help your body rehab from a stroke? It’s true! A Korean research paper in 2017 proved the efficacy of pilates for stroke recovery.

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