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18 Feb 20 Is Pilates good during pregnancy?

Is Pilates Good For Pregnancy?


Hey there! If you’re reading this, we’re betting you’ve got a little bump coming up and we’re so excited you decided to stop by and say hi. Whether you’re looking to continue your Pilates regimen

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Sign with words "Inhale / Exhale" at Pilates studio

Pilates Deep Breathing Exercises for Anxiety

Considering how incredibly vital proper breathing is to good health, we pay surprisingly little attention to the way we breathe. Ancient cultures, however, fully understood the importance of deep nasal breathing, and modern health and wellness techniques are starting to catch up.

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Pilates and stroke patients

Can Pilates Help Stroke Patients?

But did you know Pilates can also help your body rehab from a stroke? It’s true! A Korean research paper in 2017 proved the efficacy of pilates for stroke recovery.

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Female Pilates butt measuring her size

Top 5 Ways to Use Pilates for a Round Toned Butt

Top 5 Pilates exercises for a toned butt. Perfect for any core workout routine. These Pilates moves will make your booty beach ready.

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