Corporate Pilates Classes

The team that trains together, bonds together — and works harder together. Blow off some steam and get out of those office chairs for a fun, exhilarating day at the Phitosophy studio in Burbank!

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Benefits of Corporate Pilates Classes

Team Building

A shared challenge can bring teammates together more closely than ever, and that synergy will transfer right back to the workplace.

Reduce Absences

Healthier employees get sick and miss work less often. Incentivizing your employees to be healthy is a win-win!

Company Culture

Increasingly, competitive job candidates want to work in a culture that values physical fitness and an active lifestyle.


Your team works hard! They deserve a fun day where they get to do something different and see one another in a whole new light.


Approach To Pilates Classes For Companies

Our corporate pilates instructors will meet with your team leader to establish an understanding of the baseline level of fitness of your employees. From there, we’ll carefully design a fun and appropriately challenging corporate pilates class that is equal parts exhilarating, uplifting, and inspiring.

We want your team leaving our studio feeling refreshed, invigorated, and bonded closer together than they were when they arrived. Phitosophy isn’t just an exercise: it’s an experience.

Corporate Pilates FAQ

Can you provide a pilates class for our team on-site at our company location?

Yes, Phitosophy can provide on-site pilates classes for your business! Please note that on-site classes where we come to you will be mat pilates classes, as we cannot transport the reformer machines. Although we think the best corporate pilates experience is to bring your team on a field trip to our studio in Burbank, we can absolutely work with you to set up a day at your location.

How intensive will the class be? Can people of varying fitness levels participate?

At Phitosophy, it's a core founding principle that we believe people of all ability levels should be able to participate in, enjoy, and benefit from reformer pilates. Thanks to the flexibility of the reformer machine and the thoughtful way our pilates instructors structure the class, absolutely everyone will be accomodated and able to take part as long as they have a very basic level of fitness. Feel free to contact us directly if you have specific questions regarding this concern.

We want to offer pilates classes as a bonus/gift/prize for our office party. Do you offer corporate discounts?

Phitosophy extends up to a 15% discount per employee on 5 and 10 pack classes. If you're interested in something like this, the best bet is to contact us directly via the form above or by phone so that we can work out the best possible deal for you.

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