Looking for a pilates class in Burbank? How about one that also offers a wide array of other classes under the same roof? Unlike gimmicky fitness studios that might only offer one boot camp taught over and over again, Phitosophy is constantly evolving and developing new boot camps aimed at fitness seekers of all ability levels.



Ready to see what Phitosophy is all about? For just $10, new clients can experience the class of their choice.


New clients have the option of purchasing a 2 week unlimited pass with access to as many classes as you want.
  • PHIT1 $25 (1 CLASS)
  • PHIT5 $115 (5 CLASS)
  • PHIT10 $200 (10 CLASS)

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pilates mental health benefits

Pilates Mental Health Benefits

The physical gains that Pilates can provide are well-documented. You might be surprised to learn that Pilates’ mental health benefits are equally valuable. Today, more and more people are realizing how important it is to

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3 common questions about pilates

3 Common Questions About Pilates

As Pilates increases in popularity and notoriety, more and more people are curious about trying a class, but aren’t sure where to begin. We get it: it can be intimidating to start a new habit,

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benefits of reformer pilates

Benefits Of Reformer Pilates

Chances are, you’ve been hearing a lot about reformer pilates lately if you’re interested in fitness. Unlike mat pilates, reformer pilates centers around an amazing piece of equipment that creates an extremely dramatic impression and

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