Private Pilates Classes

Private Pilates Classes in Burbank It's easier and more affordable than you think to get private pilates instruction in Burbank from a fun, highly qualified instructor.
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  • $80 for
    1 class
  • OR
  • $375 for
    5 private
  • OR
  • $700 for
    10 private

Benefits Of Private Pilates Classes

A Private Pilates Instructor

With one-on-one, individualized instruction, you have your own trainer focused exclusively on your goals and progress. You can imagine how powerful this is in terms of jump-starting your fitness journey.

State-of-the-Art Facility

All you have to do is bring yourself. You’ll be getting private pilates instruction in our brand new, fully equipped reformer pilates studio… without the class environment, and at your own pace.

Work Around Your Schedule

If you’re trying to make fitness a new, permanent part of your life, but you’re bound by a tough schedule, we can help you make this work. Private pilates is an answer to issues of fitness and availability.

Your Own Private Pilates Studio

Whether you don’t like classes, work odd hours, want private instruction, or need to avoid the paparazzi, Phitosophy is ready to accommodate you. With private pilates classes, you’ll come to our studio to receive personal training and instruction that might be exactly what you’ve needed to break through plateaus and reach your best body yet.

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