Reformer Pilates

Burbank Reformer Pilates Studio

Ready to switch it up and try an exciting, dynamic change of pace compared to your usual workouts? Our pilates studio in Burbank might just become your new favorite way to get your burn on. Pilates reformer exercises were designed specifically to take the fundamentals of Pilates — posture, flexibility, core strength and breath control — and fuse them with muscle strengthening movements. At Phitosophy, our pilates instructors combine deep knowledge, professionalism, and a fun class environment that you have to come experience for yourself!

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Our Pilates Philosophy

Did you know that Pilates gets its name from a person? Joseph Pilates believed that a fulfilling life springs first and foremost from a sound mind and body. He devised the principles that we now call the Pilates method as a way to develop a well-rounded physique and level ofconditioning that can benefit just about everyone: from complete beginners to exercise to elite athletes.

With Joseph Pilates’ original vision in mind, we designed our Burbank Pilates classes with four main pillars aimed at serving the needs of all our students:

Reformer Pilates

Perfect Posture

Correct posture aids in joint health and circulation, and brings huge mental and emotional rewards as well.

Reformer Pilates

Centered Core

Our abdominal muscles are so critical to nearly every movement we make. It’s time to strengthen your core.

Reformer Pilates

Balanced Breath

With our attention to breath control and capacity, Pilates will help you take deeper advantage of your lungs’ ability to fuel your body and mind.

Reformer Pilates

Focused Flow

Every Pilates student quickly realizes the profound mental focus and clarity that comes along with frequent Pilates practice. It’s one of the most important benefits.

Our Pilates Machines

Phitosophy’s state of the art Pilates studio in Burbank is furnished with brand new, cutting edge pilates reformer machines that will help sculpt muscles and leave you feeling powerful, calm, and connected to your body in ways you never knew possible.

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What is Reformer Pilates?

Simply put, Reformer Pilates classes are based around the Reformer machine itself (also invented by Joseph Pilates), a sled-like carriage on wheels that is pushed and pulled to introduce resistance to exercises based around increasing flexibility and balance. While regular Pilates classes are usually done on a mat and have more of an emphasis on stretching and coordination, Reformer Pilates classes burn more fat and focus on sculpting muscle.

Can you lose weight with Pilates?

You bet. As with any cardiovascular activity, consistency is key: you’ll need to view Pilates as not just a band-aid to be done once in a while when you’ve neglected yourself; but rather as a part of your lifestyle. Our Pilates instructors place an emphasis on a fun, supportive class environment that makes it easy to keep coming back and seeing progress.

Can Pilates help with back pain?

Joseph Pilates designed his holistic fitness regimen with ache and pain alleviation and prevention in mind as a primary effect. Did you know that many back injuries are actually caused by a weak core incapable of supporting the spine? Pilates Reformer classes target the core as the primary muscle group developed.. Read more.

Do you wear shoes for Pilates Reformer classes?

No shoes are necessary for our Pilates Reformer classes, but socks are required. Feet covered with thin socks will provide the ideal foundation of balance and alignment for Pilates exercises.

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