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01 Sep 17

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Refrmer Pilates Sculpt your way to a fit, toned body with the incredible power of the reformer.

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Woman on reformer Pilates machine practicing mindful breathing with her trainer.

Mindful Breathing in Pilates

Learn more about why mindful breathing is crucial to Pilates, the benefits of mastering your breathing technique, and how to correctly breathe while exercising.

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Women doing Pilates for physical therapy.

What Role Can Pilates Play in Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy?

Health and exercise enthusiasts have long been turning to pilates for a fun, whole-body workout that benefits both the brain and the body.

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Difference Between Beginner and Intermediate Pilates?

Difference Between Beginner and Intermediate Pilates?

The level of pilates class you sign up for shouldn’t correspond to how often you work out or how athletic you are.

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