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09 Jun 20 Updates on Phitosophy Studios Under COVID-19 Restrictions

Updates on Phitosophy Studios Under COVID-19 Restrictions

As the coronavirus has started to show some signs of improvement in terms of the number of cases and deaths throughout the country, many states, including California, are still mandating that a number of business remain closed until further notice. Running a Pilates studio under COVID-19 has been extremely challenging, but with the support of dedicated clients like you, we are doing everything we can to remain operational until we are able to fully open once again. 

In an effort to meet our client’s demands, Phitosophy has implemented services to help you maintain your workout routing from home via some of our online interactive classes.

In order to adapt to COVID-19, Phitosophy has implemented options for home online classes that can be accessed via Zoom and Mind Body Online. These options are a temporary solution until the state of California allows gyms to fully reopen. 

You can be assured that our online classes will continue to be led by the outstanding and certified instructors you have come to love during your experiences at Phitosophy. They will continue offering the highest standard of excellence that you have come to expect from our Pilates courses.

In terms of reopening phases under California’s lockdown mandates related to COVID-19, California Governor, Gavin Newsom, has indicated that an announcement addressing COVID-19 phase plan for gyms and studios such as Phitosophy will be provided in approximately one week. 

In an effort to prepare for our long-awaited opening of our Pilates studio following the coronavirus pandemic, we have taken numerous steps to ensure that you are able to enjoy Phitosophy classes in a safe and secure environment that is sterilized regularly and meets all o the recommendations of the CDC and additional medical experts.

Some of the steps we are taking to ensure your safety once we reopen are:

  1. Smaller class sizes and 20 minute gaps between sessions for extra cleaning and disinfecting.
  2. We are also adding a tempered glass to separate the studio from from the front entrance and retail area in an effort to help customers maintain proper social distancing. 

We anticipate that out studio will be open imminently, and a sense of normalcy will be restored. In the few days that lie ahead, prior to Gavin Newsom clearing gyms to reopen, pleas take advantage of out online courses. Lockdown and quarantine without a release such as a Pilates workout or engaging with a class of friends you’ve met through Phitosophy can be very detrimental to your health, and recognizing that situation is critically important at the present time. 

At Phitosophy, we truly care about the well-being of each of our clients and want to ensure that they are being taken care of during this difficult time. Pleas join us for our Zoom online courses and be prepared for an imminent reopening that will allow you to resume your schedule of participating in classes within the studio. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time. We are here to assist you during this difficult time and are certain that in the coming weeks we will be open again and providing in-person courses for clients like you.